Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) began Jan 1, 2017 It’s not too Late!


Our solution greatly reduces the administrative burden and cost of participating in Quality Payment Programs, like MIPS and CPC+. Clinicians focus on caring for patients, while the Advisory Solution aggregates, analyzes, and tracks quality performance to maximize quality payment adjustments. 

Partnering with you for all your quality reporting and value-based program needs

Our MIPS Dashboard will position your practice to earn a bonus in 2017 

Foresight Analytics

Pinpoints where to focus your resources.  Forsight modeling helps identify key factors that may need attention, with patient call lists, gap lists, and provider specific and group aggregate dashboards

To schedule your FREE demonstration of the MACRA Advisory MIPS Dashboard Tool or to speak with one of our Whittle Advisor consultants about the best approach for your practice, click the FREE DEMO button for a quick response to setup a call.


Move at a pace that aligns with your goals while remaining compliant and protecting your revenue.


Event:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 1:00PM.

Texas RBMA

MACRA Accelerating the Move to Value-based Healthcare

Kelly from Whittle Advisors will be covering the following learning objectives during the webinar.


·  Expose CMS’ Broader Strategy  

·  Explore MACRA, its components MIPS and APMs, and the impact on radiologists

·  Gain knowledge on what actions to take in 2017 to secure future payments

·  Reveal the risk associated with the widening of the income gap

·  Review the criteria by which radiologists will be measured 

·  Confirm your MACRA strategy is complete and on target

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